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CONNECTEDwear™ is a unique system of Plug & Play audio and phone controls specifically developed for Wearable Electronic applications in Apparel and Softgoods. The CONNECTEDwear™ system has two parts, a Keypad or Joystick which is integrated in your garment and a Controller module which connects your garment to a range of personal electronics such as iPod, iPhone, MP3 players, mobile phones and music phones. 

Please see the pages below for further details of the complete CONNECTEDwear™ product range.  



CONNECTEDwear™ Keypads and Joysticks are found integrated in a wide range of garments, bags, gloves and wearable accessories available from many of the world's leading apparel brands. These interfaces allow you to operate personal electronics from your garment . For full details of the product range available please see the Keypads page.



All apparel, bags, gloves and other types of soft goods fitted with CONNECTEDwear™ Keypads or Joysticks can connect to any one of the six Controllers in the CONNECTEDwear™ range for control of iPod, iPhone, MP3, mobile phones and music phones. For full details of the product range available please see the Controllers page.  



If you are an apparel brand or garment manufacturer and would like to find out more about integrating CONNECTEDwear™ Keypads and Joysticks into your products please contact us for more information, pricing and samples.


Using CONNECTEDwear™ it's never been easier to add cutting edge technology to your garments!


CONNECTEDwear Keypads

More details about the range of keypads and joysticks available for integration in apparel, bags and other soft goods.

CONNECTEDwear Controllers

More details about the range of Control Modules available for the operation of iPods, iPhones, MP3, Mobile Phones and Music Phones.

Customer Support

For any questions about the operation or set-up of CONNECTEDwear controllers or enquiries relating to Webshop purchases.


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